The 2023 Asian Gaming Market

The 2023 Asian Gaming Market

It is a truth that there is a sizable and constantly expanding gaming community. What you might not realize, though, is that over half of the community is made up of Asian gamers. Furthermore, the bulk of the world’s gaming sector is driven by the roughly 1.7 billion gamers who call Asia home. Almost half of the world’s top game developers are located in South Korea, Japan, and China, respectively.

Without a question, Asia is leading the way in the global change of the gaming sector. Additionally, the area is currently home to hundreds of blockchain-related businesses, positioning it to become the hub for blockchain gaming. Let’s examine the gaming industry in Asia, major participants in the market, and the top titles that gamers are most fond of playing.

Important Companies in Asia’s Expanding Gaming Market
While some are regarded as big participants, other nations are now leading the Asian gaming sector. Let’s look at the main nations involved in the expanding Asian gaming market:

The Korean Peninsula

Many believe Korea to be the world’s largest video game market, and playing video games is a well-liked social pastime here. The online gaming market in South Korea is huge and continues to develop rapidly; in 2016, for example, it increased by 15%.

There is now the League of Legends 2023 World Championship going on, with a $445,000 top prize up for grabs for the victorious team. Twenty-two international teams are vying for a total of over $2.2 million in awards. Nearly 25% of players worldwide are Korean, demonstrating how well-liked the game is in that country.

Although there aren’t many gambling choices in Korea, the market is still expanding. Slot games are becoming more and more popular here, as they are in many other areas of the world. Many Koreans play these games on websites with foreign licenses.

Slot sites give users the convenience and ease of access to play a wide range of well-known slot games on their computers at home. Players in Korea, where online gambling is prohibited, may now enjoy online slot sites with a quick sign-up process and no KYC requirements thanks to the recent development of the ability to play games using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (source:

There are land-based casinos in the nation, although they are mostly for tourists. There’s just one casino that’s available to residents, yet surprisingly, in 2022 it had the most visits (2084 per 1000 inhabitants). It is likely that many locals frequent their lone casino, as the next most frequented establishment that year had 281 visits per 1000 patrons.

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Japan is home to several tech behemoths and console makers and is one of the most established gaming hardware marketplaces in the world. The nation is thought to have the most developed mobile game market, as seen by the sharp increase in gaming income. Additionally, Japan has unquestionably had exceptional success exporting its video games, which has helped the country’s income to rise. Several of the most well-known gaming companies in the world, such as Nintendo, Sony, and Sega, have their headquarters in this nation.

A new Assassin’s Creed game based in Japan is scheduled for release shortly, which should add to the franchise’s already enormous popularity in that nation. Pokémon Scarlet/Violet (4.3 million copies) and Splatoon 3 (3.7 million copies) were the top two sales in 2022. In actuality, the Switch was the platform for nine of the ten best-selling video games in Japan this year.

Even though Pachinko, a gambling game unique to Japan, is one of the most popular in Asia, the country’s gambling rules are fairly tight. In 2021, about 7 million Japanese people played pachinko; an average pachinko parlor may have 500 machines. It has developed from the manual form to more contemporary digital variants that are commonly played in Asian casinos. It is more akin to a cross between pinball and slot machines.


More than 183 million people play mobile games in China, which presently accounts for more than 34% of the global gaming business. China is home to over 720 million gamers, with more than half of them playing online. Furthermore, the figure is anticipated to increase in the coming years due to the growing number of female players.

Despite the fact that gambling is illegal in China, one of the biggest gaming markets in the world is located in the autonomous province of Macau. There is a distinct selection of well-liked games here; in contrast to other regions of the world, slots only account for 5% of Macau’s gaming income. Pai Gow Poker is a popular game among Chinese gamblers.

Although this kind of poker is relatively new to the gaming industry, it is already widely accessible at establishments catering to the Asian market. In addition, Sic Bo is a game that has been played in casinos for a very long time—thousands of years.

Though it is played all around the world, baccarat is perhaps the most popular game in Asia, where players in Macau have an abundance of possibilities. Despite having a reputation for being played only by the wealthy and privileged, Baccarat is a favorite game among Asians in general.

Possibly the game’s royal atmosphere and simplicity are two of the reasons so many players adore it. In Macau, the game brought in over $3 billion in 2022, and the total number of gambling tables in the area was over 5600.

The Indonesian

Currently ranked 17th in the world, Indonesia’s gaming market is predicted to generate $649.80 million in total revenue by 2027. However, the nation has the lowest Average Revenue per Paying User since low-income per capita and inexpensive solutions are readily available. Given that Indonesia still has the fourth-largest population in the world, it is probably going to continue to be one of Asia’s biggest gaming marketplaces.

We might think of the following as only a handful of the most well-known video games created in Indonesia:

  • (2011) Sentou Gakuen
  • Taisen Samurai (2013)
  • Dreadful (2014)
  • Fury in Harmony (2018)

What do the gamers adore, though? While esports are growing, strategy mobile games like Clash of Clans and Game of War: Fire Age are still popular in the nation. The most played competitive video game in the nation is Mobile Legends, where Indonesian teams have achieved success in the MPL league and the M Series.

With no casinos open and the majority of gambling activities illegal, Indonesia has by far the lowest gambling market of all the nations we’ve researched.

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An Overview of Asian Mobile Gaming

With over 55% of the world’s gamers residing in the area, Asia is leading the way in mobile gaming. Additionally, the region brings in US$72 billion a year, or more than half of the global gaming income.

Mobile gaming is even more popular than it is in the United States, vastly surpassing the popularity of console and PC games. Furthermore, five of the world’s top 10 mobile-only game development companies are located in China, Singapore, or Japan.

These figures demonstrate how Asia is already at the forefront of mobile gaming technology adoption by consumers. The part South Korea plays in leading the way in the adoption of free-to-play games is a prime illustration of this.

Furthermore, we may anticipate that mobile penetration, which is now increasing, will continue when 5G networks are implemented. Out of the three top Asian countries in terms of 5G availability, the Philippines has 105 cities with 5G accessible. This number is also present in Korea (85) and Japan (76).

Better networks will allow users to access cloud gaming services more easily than ever before. Future mobile gaming will surely attract even more players if previous hardware restrictions are lifted.

In summary

Similar to the worldwide gaming business, the widespread use of smartphones and the internet is driving the enormous expansion of the gaming sector in Asia. The market has been expanding slowly, but the introduction of new technology is completely changing it, and gambling games are becoming more and more popular all across the area.

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