NFL Insights: Giants’ Tackling Woes, Schmitz’s Adaptability, and Geno Smith’s Resurgence

NFL Insights Giants' Tackling Woes, Schmitz's Adaptability, and Geno Smith's Resurgence

Stay updated on the New York Giants’ tackling challenges, rookie John Michael Schmitz’s adaptability, and Geno Smith’s impressive NFL journey in this engaging sports news feed.

Addressing the Tackling Woes

New York Giants Grappling with Tackling Issues in Early Season

The New York Giants are grappling with a significant issue in their first three games of the season: tackling. In these games, the Giants have struggled, missing a total of 31 tackles, ranking them third-worst in the NFL for this statistic.

Defensive lineman Leonard Williams voiced his concerns, stating, “I believe we can significantly improve our tackling. There are several areas in our defense where we can do better, but I’m optimistic that we are on the right path. The way we performed against San Francisco and our continuous growth are positive signs for our defense. I think we’re heading in the right direction.”

To address this problem, the Giants incorporated a “tackling circuit” during their practice session, as revealed by linebacker Bobby Okereke. Okereke emphasized the importance of technique and desire in tackling, saying, “Tackling is all about technique and desire. We all have the desire to tackle, and now it’s about refining our technique to get it right.”

Cornerback Adoree’ Jackson emphasized the significance of teamwork in improving tackling, stressing the importance of attention to detail. He said, “It’s about the little things: wrapping up, thudding up, taking the right angles to the ball, and ensuring all eleven players are hustling to the ball. Effort, running to the ball, angles, thudding up, and wrapping up – these are the little things that matter. Regardless of the circumstances, giving your all and working as a team is crucial.”

John Michael Schmitz: Navigating the Chaos

Rookie center John Michael Schmitz of the New York Giants has faced a challenging situation in the first three games of his NFL career. The Giants’ offensive line has been constantly changing around him, creating a chaotic environment. However, Schmitz remains unfazed and adaptable.

Schmitz expressed his perspective on the situation, saying, “In football, you have to be adaptable. You never know what’s going to happen. You have to be prepared to step onto the field with whoever makes up the starting five and compete.”

Appreciating Geno Smith’s Journey

Leonard Williams, formerly a member of the New York Jets in 2015, recalled a significant moment involving quarterback Geno Smith. In 2015, Smith was sucker-punched by a teammate, IK Enemkpali, which had a lasting impact on his career. Despite facing adversity and playing sparingly from 2015 to 2021, Smith rebounded and earned a Pro Bowl selection as Seattle’s starting quarterback last season.

Williams praised Smith’s resilience, stating, “It’s truly inspiring to see Geno’s journey. When I entered the league, he was the Jets’ starting quarterback, and witnessing the incident with the linebacker punching him in the locker room was an eye-opener for me. Since then, he faced setbacks and worked hard to regain his footing. It’s wonderful to see him thriving in a system that suits him well, and he appears to be enjoying his success.”

Williams added, “Success at the quarterback position is hard to come by, but Geno kept his focus, continued to grind, and found himself in a system that complements his skills. He looks more comfortable and confident out there, which is fantastic to see.”

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