How to unlock the Sheriff pump-action shotgun in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2

Approaching the completion of Alan Wake 2 may put you on a mission to obtain the prized pump-action shotgun hanging on the wall of Bright Falls’ sheriff’s office. Deciphering the sheriff’s shotgun code is a little trickier to solve than other riddles in the spine-tingling sequel to Remedy. This is because it appears right before Saga Anderson’s chapters go to the point where there is no turning back.

Examine the desk of Sheriff Tim Breaker

Take a moment to visit Sheriff Tim Breaker’s desk before diving right into the solution. Examine his hobbies and try to crack the code without giving anything away. Do not worry—we have you covered whether you’re still baffled by Saga’s tale or are itching to see it through to the end.

Unveiling the Shotgun Code

Entering the code 723 on the padlock is necessary to unlock the shotgun in Tim Breaker’s office. Examining Sheriff Tim Breaker’s desk—which is ornamented with a stack of books and a mysterious handwritten cipher—reveals this information.

The cipher, “Don’t Forget!!,” reveals that certain letters are associated with particular numerals. It can be seen that, despite skipping some letters, it counts to nine before beginning again at zero.

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Cracking the Cipher

Examine the UFO’s Myth & Reality three-part book series that is sitting on Breaker’s desk. Proceeding from the first to the third section, take out the first letter of every writer’s name and utilize the cipher. The code for the pump-action shotgun on the wall of the Sheriff Station is 723, which is the result of this method.

Tips for Preparation

Take into consideration hiding a couple of things in Saga’s shoebox before retrieving your gift. If you make room in advance, the pump-action shotgun can save you a great deal of headaches because it takes up a large quantity of inventory space.

Our conversation with Remedy’s Sam Lake and Fried Music may provide comfort to individuals who are suffering not just with the shotgun code challenge but also with trying to get Alan Wake 2’s end-of-chapter music out of their heads.

In summary

In Alan Wake 2, solving the puzzle of the sheriff’s pump-action shotgun brings a fascinating new dimension to the gameplay. The secret to getting this formidable weapon is, in fact, hidden in Sheriff Tim Breaker’s desk. In Saga Anderson’s compelling story, adhering to the cipher and getting ready for the purchase guarantees a smooth transfer.

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