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Good Grief Netflix Release Date [2024]

Netflix’s “Good Grief,” a poignant comedy-drama created by the multi-talented Dan Levy, the mastermind behind the acclaimed series “Schitt’s Creek,” is set to debut on our screens as we enter the new year.

Release Dates

  • Theatrical Premiere: December 29, 2023
  • Netflix Streaming Release: January 5, 2024

Summary of the plot:

In “Good Grief,” Dan Levy takes center stage as Marc, a character who once reveled in the joy of life beside his larger-than-life husband, Oliver (Luke Evans). The story’s protagonist is Marc, played by Dan Levy, who used to find contentment in the shadow of his flamboyant spouse Oliver (Luke Evans).

Marc’s world collapses, though, when Oliver dies suddenly. Marc takes his two closest friends, Thomas (Himesh Patel) and Sophie (Ruth Negga), on a soul-searching vacation to Paris to deal with the complexity of sorrow. They struggle with harsh realities together, weaving a tale that looks endearing and emotionally charged.


The plot explores the complexities of sorrow, showing Marc’s difficulty in coming to terms with his husband’s passing. With the assistance of companions who set off on their journeys, the protagonists confront the difficulties of recovery and self-awareness.

Meet the Stellar Cast

Dan Levy Journey: How Loss Shaped 'Good Grief' in Profound Ways

The ensemble cast of “Good Grief” boasts exceptional talent:

  • Dan Levy as Marc
  • Ruth Negga as Sophie
  • Himesh Patel as Thomas
  • Luke Evans as Oliver
  • Celia Imrie as Imelda
  • Arnaud Valois as Theo
  • David Bradley as Duncan

Dan Levy, known for his wit in “Schitt’s Creek,” not only stars but also directs “Good Grief,” marking a significant milestone in his career. This underscores Levy’s versatility as both a performer and a storyteller.


As the anticipation builds for “Good Grief,” we can expect a poignant exploration of grief, friendship, and self-discovery. Dan Levy’s directorial debut promises to be a captivating addition to Netflix’s repertoire.

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